Can you die from to much sex?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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People do die from too much sex and get aids and the cure for aids is only in Asia and Pakistan and lastly Afghanistan.

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Q: Can you die from to much sex?
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How did Thomas Graham die?

He had a heart attack after having too much sex.

Why do yorkies die after sex?

Yorkshire Terriers do not die after sex.

Can you die from too much sex?

yes your nob breaks off and you bleed to death

What three things did young women die from in the Victorian era?

they died from to much sex

Why do moths die after laying eggs?

they use so much energy from giving birth, they just die

How did John James die?

he die of sex

Can u die from this?

u die by sex and stuff

How did ahmose die?


Can you die from sex?

Yes but it is not likely.The only time one can die from having sex is if they have a heart condition or some other serious diseases such as seizures, etc. Two healthy people cannot die from having sex.

How did William hogarth die?

he had sex

What Causes of heat exhaustion?

what causes heat exhaustion ? welll! too much sex. that's it . too many rouqh lonq niqhts of sex ; so STOP. or else you're qonnna die

How much sex do i have a day?

Answer Have as much as you want. Sex is good for you, so enjoy.