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No just for being stupid.

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Q: Can you die from people being anyoing?
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How many people die from being emo?

Emo people die from cutting themselves. They bleed out and die.

How many people die a year by being hit by cars?

450 people die every year from being hit by cars

How many people die from being run over?

alot of people !

Can you die if your homosexual?

Yes, all gay people die being gay, just as all straight people die being straight.

Did people die if they were racist?

poeple die for being racist because it was not polite.

How many children die for being alone?

being alone is a big issue most of the people who are homeless were probably homeless as kids about 29,000-10 million people die from being homeless.

What did people in prehistoric times die from?

they could die from a disease being killed by an animal or being murdered to name a few

Can people not die from a bullet?

Yes. Many people survive being shot.

Can people die if they are too short?

Everyone can die, but being short can impede your lifespan.

How did most of the people die in the war?

well it depends how much people and were it is but i would say they mostly die of being shot or injured

What fraction of animals die from being beaten?

About a third of the animals that people own die each year from being beaten and killed for food.

Are all step brothers anyoing?

no as my step brother (matej) is fab he never anoyes me and he shares a birthday with me and is also just one year younger than me.