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Q: Can you crush or chew the tablet hydralazine 25mg?
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Crush food with your teeth?

crush food with your teeth? quite simple its chew

What happens when you chew feminax express?

There is a big chance you could die because of the toxins in the tablet. Do not chew.

How do you take omeprazole capsule?

swallow it whole - do not crush it or chew it.

Can you chew celexa?

no. just swallow it whole with something to drink.

Do you have to chew tums for them to work?

you don't have to chew them to make them work. but chewing them and any other tablet medication will make it work faster

What are chlorine tablet used for?

so that your hamster can chew on your genitals

Do walruses chew their food?

No they do not. They crush the shells of clams and eat the soft part.

Does Adderall come in tablet form or capsule?

No. The XR stands for extended release. Extended release medications work because it takes the acid in your stomach longer to digest part of the medicine in the capsule. It isn't possible to create a tablet that does the same thing.

Can you cut intuniv?

Intuniv is packaged as a time-released medication. That means the tablet must be intact, or the entire 24 hours worth of meds will dissolve very quickly -- you'll get a large dose of the meds right away, followed by 23 hours of no meds. As with all time-released meds, you should not cut, chew, or crush an Intuniv tablet.

What is a four letter word that means crush food with your teeth?

mash, nash CHEW!

What kind of mouth does a crayfish have?

The crayfish's mouth is located underneath their head. They are able to chew and crush their food by the mandibles.

What are the nursing responsibilities on giving Felodipine?

Nursing responsibilities when giving Felodipine are to give medication without regard to meals, monitor cardiac rhythm regularly until dosage stabilized, monitor vital signs carefully, have patient swallow tablet whole, do not crush or chew. There is a name alert on Felodipine, do not confuse with isorsorbide.