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yes of course you could.. you cant take it for three days in a row, u have to stop alteast for one day so you could feel its effect again!

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Q: Can you build up a tolerance to lyrica?
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Can you build up a tolerance to meth?

Yes. Tolerance is built up rather quickly.

Can you be immune to beer?

Not totally, but you can build up a tolerance to it.

Is it possible to build up a tolerance to aspirin?

It is possible, yes.

Will your body build up a tolerance for inhalants?

Yes, plenty of resistant

Do people build tolerance to chewing tobacco?

Yes your mouth will stop getting all cut up and your gums will basically become stronger if you do it on a daily basis

Can you build a tolerance to fluoxetine?


Can people get use to noise?

Somewhat, but they can't build up a tolerance that protects them from the damage of intense noise.

Will lyrica show positive on a ua?

No, nothing they test for is in it! It's an anti-epileptic or anticonvulsant

Does smoking potpourri make you not get high off of weed?

Smoking potpourri will not produce a high similar to that of smoking weed, as the effects are not caused by the same substances. Potpourri may contain synthetic cannabinoids or other unknown chemicals that can be dangerous when smoked. It is not a safe or effective alternative to using marijuana.

Is lyrica a pain killer?

In short, no. Lyrica (which is basically the same as Gabapentin), is being used for nueropathic pain, but does NOT contain an opiate. Thus it is not a "pain killer" like vicoden (hydrocodone) or percocet (oxycodone). It will also take a while to build up in your system before you may see results.

Can a person build up a tolerance to adipex?

Adipex is a brand of Phentermine. It is possible, and in fact almost inevitable,Êfor the body to develop a tolerance to it, but there are treatments that can help Phentermine become effective again.

Can you inject lyrica?

You have to shove it up your anus, you junkie