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Not recommended. Tastes like "nasty" as my wife puts it.

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Q: Can you brush your teeth with desitin?
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Get a tooth brush and tooth paste and there brush your teeth….DUH!!

How do you brush a toddler's teeth?

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You have to brush any dog's teeth!

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What happens to your teeth if you don't brush your teeth?

Brush your teeth or you will have cavities, bad breath, and gum disease.

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Do dinosaurs brush their teeth?

No, they can't brush their teeth. Their arms were not made to brush their teeth. Eventually they died of gum disease or from starvation after their teeth fell out and now they're all dead. So, NO dinosaurs don't brush their teeth because they're extinct.

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A prisoner does not have to brush their teeth if they don't want too.

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Yes! They did brush their teeth back then. I don't remember how they DID brush their teeth, but I DO know that they brushed their teeth. Please tell me if you know how they brushed their teeth. It's for an homework assignment! Hope this helped!