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Yes! I did - had to get a plate and five screws put in!

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โˆ™ 2012-04-16 21:05:35
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Q: Can you break your ankle ice skating?
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What are the dangers of ice skating?

The dangers of ice skating is that yu can fall and hurt your self ... yu can break a leg or ankle and way worae

How do you get stronger ankles?

Normally the only exercise that requires stronger ankles is ice skating. The way to get stronger ankles for ice skating is to practice ice skating. The way to improve your ankle strength for ice skating is to ensure that your skates fit properly and gradually increase the amount of time you spend skating. .

What are the disadvantages of ice skating?

might break a bone

Why was ice skating called ice skating?

Because Ice skating is the act of skating on ice.

What is the wordle for SKATING ice?

ice skating

Ice skating rules?

are ice skating and figure skating the same.

Was roller skating or ice skating first?

I think ice skating

What is the name where people do skating on ice?

Ice skating, or if you do competitive skating it is called figure skating.

How do you break your ankle?

I will tell you some ideas but first think about these things befor you do it .If you break your ankle in the wrong place you could have arthuritis when your older .You may need surgery .You could have a metal ankle So anyways here are some ideas .Numb it with ice and hit it hard .Jump of some stairs and have your foot to the side .go ice skating .run and move your foot to the side hope these help but think about it you can suffer or be smart and get on with life if you do break your ankle its either by accident or on purpose witch makes you an attention seeker From Rhiannah1092 x

Is ice skating the same as in-line skating?

No, it's completely different. In-line skating is on wheels, while ice skating is on blades and actually on the ice. You can jump and spin in ice skating, but not during in-line skating.

Who discovered ice skating?

Who discovered ice skating

How did ice skating begin?

Ice Skating began when a couple of English men were ice skating on boots

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