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Yes you can bite your finger off, it is as easy as biting a carrot but your brain tells you not to. But why would you do that anyways.

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ave yeard yesyou cun like a carrot

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Q: Can you bite off your finger?
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Can you bite off a persons finger?

Yes you can bite a finger off but if you do you might become enemies with who you did it to and might vomit if you swollow it but why the hell would you bite a finger off in the first place? 0.0

Can a ferret bite your finger off?

It is doubtful they could bite your finger off but they can certainly give a nasty bite A ferret would not be able to bite a humans finger off, but they would be able to bite through your finger. They have very sharp teeth and a powerful jaw that can exert a great deal of pressure.

Is it possible to bite your finger off?


Can you pull your finger off?

No. But people have been known to bite it off.

Can a pana bite you?

yes it could bite your finger off if it doesn't want to be botherd

If you bite your finger will it come off?

no because your bone is to strong for your teeth to bite threw it

Can a turtle bite take your finger off?

Yes, if it's a snapping turtle, it can SNAP your finger right off!

Can you bite off your own finger?

Yes you can bite it off but why in the world would you do that.?

Did Ronnie Lott bite his finger off?

No, Ronnie Lott did not bite of his finger. When Lott switched to the safety position in 1985, his left pinky finger was crushed by tackling running back Timmy Newsome. Lott had to have his finger amputated.

Does a lion make a good pet?

No they do NOT!! They could bite your finger right off!

Will puffer fish eat you?

It may bite your finger off, but will not entirely eat you.

Why can't you bite off your finger?

You can. It would just REALLY HURT.