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Technically, no, seroquel does not have addictive properties. However, you can become psychologically addicted to the benefits it may offer you...decreased anxiety, better sleeping, etc. Thus, if you were to stop taking it, you may feel "withdrawal" ie increased anxiety, due to lack of the drug. Always taper seroquel when discontinuing to avoid these symptoms.

__________ I was addicted to Seroquel for 8 years. It's more addictive than cocaine, or heroine. I've done heroine once ok, but only because it compares to Seroquel, and heroine is not addictive. Let's just leave at that.

In other words, hell yeah, it's addictive. I got off it, when I was pregnant cause I was feeling like crap, but felt no withdrawal. I couldn't I was pregnant.

So yes, it's highly highly addictive. And I don't even believe in addictions. I had tried pot before Seroquel like twice and LSD like a couple of times because of Richard Feynman's experience with it, but drugs were never my thing except for coffee. I did diet pills, instead of coffee at times, but I was a scientist and anything that stood in the way of my caffeine addiction annoyed me. Well, with Seroquel it was weird after I did that, I craved drugs, like the illegal kind.

While on Seroquel I did GHB, ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, and heroine. All to get over my Seroquel addiction. To this day, nothing compares to Seroquel, not even heroine. So yes, it's highly addictive, I mean that's why they have rap songs devoted to Seroquel, AKA Susie-Q, or Quell.

People snort it, take it by pill, some people spike their drinks with it. It's just so relaxing. The drug dealers sell it. People use to steal my meds, and I took it for insomnia. I mean you have to be careful carrying that stuff around junkies, they take it, or sell it. You can get up to $20 per pill on the street. Gives you cataracts and Diabetes though.

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Yes, but not in a good way.If akathesia (uncontrollable drive to keep moving), dyskinesia (involuntary movements), acute panic attacks, paralysis, muscle spasms, suicidal depression, terrifying hallucinations, delusions, and death is your idea of a good time though, go right ahead.

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As with most mood-altering substances, there is a withdrawal syndrome of sorts associated with Abilify -- usually depression. For that reason, like other antidepressants, it should be withdrawn only under the supervision of a doctor. However, it does not qualify as an addictive substance in the usual sense.

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absolutely and unconditionally no. not possible.

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Q: Can you become addicted to abilify?
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