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Yes, generally. It will depend on what misdemeanor, and the laws in your area.

However, there really isn't a simple or quick answer to this question because it depends on a lot of factors like what the conviction was for, etc... The best thing to do is to talk to someone at the Board that handles nurse licensing in your state. A search of their website might also tell you one way or the other.

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Q: Can you become a nurse if you have been convicted of a Misdemeanor?
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Is it possible for a convicted person to return to UK as as senior midwifery nurse?

That would depend on what you have been convicted of!!

Can you own a handgun with a misdemeanor tresspassing charge in Georgia?

If you have been convicted, no. A misdemeanor for DV is a disqualifying offense by federal law.

Can you become a nurse after being charged with assaulting a police officer?

In most states that I know of, one cannot hold a nurses license after having been CONVICTED of a felony.

How do you answer have you ever been convicted of a crime if it was a misdemeanor?

a misdemenor ISNT considered a crime The correct answer is YES. If the question is have you been convicted of a crime. If the question is have you been convicted of a felony then your answer should be no.

In Michigan can you own a gun if you have a misdemeanor?

Depends on the misdemeanor. If you have been convicted of a crime of domestic violence, you may not possess a firearm anywhere in the US. Unlawful use of controlled substances (dope) is also a disqualifier.

Should you admit a felony on a job application if the felony was later reduced to a misdemeanor?

No, those questions want to know about the final disposition of the case. You may have been charged with a felony but convicted of a misdemeanor. Therefore, you're not a felon.

If you have been in prison can you become a cop?

Yes, as long as the charge that you were either convicted of, or plead out to was a misdemeanor, excluding the following misdemeanor charges: 1. Domestic Violence 2. Assault/Battery 3. Any combined drug arrests (misdemeanors) in the past 5 years that exceeds 3 or more times. Don't commit a felony, and you can be a cop.

Can a misdemeanor deny a gun purchase?

In the US, that depends on the misdemeanor. Two of the disqualifying conditions are (1) having been convicted of a crime of domestic violence, and (2) being an unlawful user of Schedule 1 controlled drugs (such as marijuana)

I was arrested but never convicted or even had a court date set for a charge i was told was misdemeanor and sometimes felon depending on who i asked. am i still able to purchase a gun?

If you were not convicted, then you can still purchase a gun. Even if you had been convicted of a misdemeanor, you could still purchase a gun, but not for a felony. I should know, I just spent 18 months and $20,000 fighting charges of aggravated assault and commission of a felony with a firearm. I won.

Can you buy a gun in KENTUCKY with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge?

NO! You may NOT you will be committing a FELONY under current Federal Law, per the Lautenberg Amendment/Domestic Violence Misdemeanor Amendment to the Gun Control Act of 1968 (Title 18, U.S.C. Section 922(g)(9). Any person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence cannot possess a firearm or ammunition, unless the conviction was expunged, set aside, or you received a pardon.

Do you have to list a misdemeanor DUI on a job application?

Most places ask if you have ever been convicted of a felony , the usually do not run a check for misdemeanor crimes, if it was me I would leave it off. <><><><> If the question is related to your work (especially if the work involves driving), you had better list it.

Can you travel to Mexico with a class b misdemeanor?

If you've been convicted in the past and have served your sentence, and aren't under travel restrictions, yes. If you are currently wanted for a Class B misdemeanor, your name may be flagged as a wanted person, and you cross the border at your own peril.