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Q: Can working out reduce nipple size?
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Is it possible to shrink your nipples?

I know it is possible with plastic surgery and if you are overweight, weight-loss can lead to a smaller nipple size. If you are young (male or female) your nipples may be puffy or rather large...this is normal and pretty common and usually goes away with a little time. For males: to much estogen consumption can lead to big nips. :)

How long nipple piercing?

It varies from person to person, depending on the size of your nipple.

How do surgeons determine your breast size for a breast reduction?

To remove the tissue and skin from the breasts to get reshape and reduce the breasts size. It can also make the area of dark skin surrounding the nipple (areola) smaller.

Does nipple size vary with age?

yes in women

Can losing weight decrease nipple size?


Why man's nipple increases with pain?

If you feel a disc shaped lump in your nipple, then it is working out too much or puberty. Ask your doctor.

How long does it take for your nipple to heal after it is pierced?

mine took about 2-3 months but it depends on the size of your nipple if they pierced the nipple or the areola and how well you take care of it

How do you reduce hand size for men?

When you reduce his penis size.

How do you reduce nipple size?

quick rubs counter clockwiseYes, nipples grow when the body is developing. They generally stay about the same size throughout adulthood, but may get a bit larger during pregnancy.

How can gilrl improve her nipple size?

Most women who have a nipple enlargement do so as part of another cosmetic procedure, such as a breast augmentation. In this case a surgeon will perform a nipple enlargement in order to match the size and shape of the nipple and areola with the increased breast size, providing a more natural appearance. However, nipple enlargements are sometimes done as a single procedure and in this case can be performed on an outpatient basis. Nipple enlargement usually involves a tissue graft from another part of the body into the nipple, such as a small amount of fat or even some cartilage. A cautionary note is that breastfeeding may not be possible following such a procedure.

How can you reduce your head size?

There is no way to safely reduce your head size.

What are Chelsea peretti's nipple size?

vitamin water bottle cap