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it really just depends on the singer or who is singing the note.

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Q: Can women hit higher notes than men?
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Why do females always play the part of Peter Pan in stage plays?

because in the songs, the females can hit the higher notes than the men would be able to do.

How can you play notes higher than f on the alto saxophone?

those notes are called altissimo notes. you first must develop the concept of overblowing notes to hit altissimo notes. hit a low Bb. then visualize a Bb an octave above. then use the same Bb keys to hit a Bb an octave higher. then try an F. but use the same fingerings as a low Bb. this is called the overtone series, a system of notes that can be played by overblowing. the easiest note to hit all the notes in an overtone series is the low Bb. the reason you need to do this is because the fingerings you will find won't hit the notes you want unless you know how to overblow by visualizing the notes you want to play. when this is mastered, find an altissimo fingering chart and you will be on your way. your embouchure should not change at all when you play any notes, including the altissimo. other websites will explain this with more detail.

Isn't mariah Carey the best singer?

Yes she was, she has a wider vocal range, and can hit higher notes than most other singers in the world. Sadly she has lost it since Glitter! she is a really good singer but not the best and yes she is one of the only people in the world who can hit those high hits without sounding bad!...... she sounds good!, while she does high notes

What does it mean when a ball is hit high in tennis?

It just means that the ball is hit higher than what is normal, which could mean at head-level or higher.

How do you hit high notes on clarinet?

A thicker reed is better for helping hit the higher notes, though it takes some practice to get used to the thickness. Make sure your mouth is firm and your fingers are completely covering the holes they're on. Blow a little hard and the note should come out. If it doesn't, keep practicing. You could also look for websites or books on playing the clarinet to give more tips on helping get those higher notes.

Can girls sing low enough like guys?

Low enough for what? Many girls can go well into the tenor range, and some women can go even lower than that. Some men can hit soprano notes, after all.

I can hit all the notes singing I just want to know how to get a better voice?

Practice and try to hit lower and higher pitches then you'll get a better voice for pitch. It is great for a better voice!

What is the difference between second soprano and first soprano?

Second Soprano: Should be able to hit notes close to a high c. Sing higher then the altos. Have a sweet voice, altos usually have low talking voices. First Soprano: Are to hit the highest notes above a high c. Should be able to sing and hold high notes.

Can you hit higher than double C on trumpet?

It is very hard, but yes its possible.

How is a xylophones played?

you hit the notes with the mallets

How to hit high pitch?

You don't 'LEARN' how to hit high notes. You find a voice coach who will help you find your highest true note. Then you will learn how to practice and stretch your vocal cords so that eventually you can hit higher and higher notes. Some people just can't hit high notes. there voice is not made for it. My advice would be to practice 3 times a week and try singing in your lowest tine because it helps stretch your vocal cords and helps you hit higher notes. :) Hoped i helped! model_status

Can you hit in women's hockey?

Unless the grade or gametype is one where hitting is explicitly not permitted (and this is for both sexes, usually) yes, women can hit as and when they like; many hit harder than some male players at the same level.