Can women give men advice

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Can women give men advice
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Do romantic advice columns give women advice that limits their individuality and autonomy?


Why are there more relationship advice for women than men?

Because women are more nervous about what will happen in relationships, what they should and shouldn't do etc, whereas in general men have a more 'carefree' attitude to being in a relationship with somebody. Also, women are more likely to ask others for advice than men.

Can a women give a men tricmonya?


Are there any dating sites that not only introduce men to single people but also give dating advice to men?

There are some dating sites that not only introduce men to single people but also give dating advice to men. One such website that offers both is

Where online can I find out about how to lose abdominal fat?

The Mayo Clinic has some excellent advice about losing abdominal fat for women. Men should check out the advice given at Men's Health.

Do men or women buy more diamonds?

Probably men, because diamonds are a wonderful gift to give to women.

What do women in Japan do on Valentine's Day?

On Valentine's Day in Japan, women give chocolate gifts to men. Their gifts are reciprocated a month later on White Day, when men will give gifts to women.

Who do men go out with easy women?

Because they are easy and will give these men what they want.

Why do women have to give birth and not men?

wemen should because they can take pain more then men can men might die if they give bith

How is media helping women in today's world?

The media can give them advice. They also can raise awareness and the women are infuenced and can act.

Was valentine's meant for men?

Yes, it is meant for men to give romantic gifts to women.

What did women give men who did not enlist in ww1?

A white feather.