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People can be obsessed with anything, including one another. Assuming women are people, then yes, women can of course be obsessed with one another.

Now most obsession with other people is fueled by sexual interest, and yes, if a man can be obsessed with a woman, so can a woman who is attracted to other women.

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Q: Can women be obsessed with other women?
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What is sexual peversion?

Being too obsessed with women.

Your boyfriend is obsessed with female ejaculation Is he gay?

Probably not. If he were obsessed with male ejaculation, maybe, but most guys interested in anything to do with women and sex are straight.

Why do girls and women become obsessed with men who are like Hercules?

Some women are attracted to the physical appearance of strong and healthy looking men.

What is an obsessed Mother?

an obsessed mother is a women whom has children who has an overly crave to do something or have something alot that makes it more then normal which makes it an obsession. these can be cured but that is another question to ask

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Is someone who is obsessed with a celebrity insane?

Well, that depends on what you count as insane. In the sense that it is insane to be obsessed with any human, yes absolutely. But it is no more insane than being obsessed with any other human.

Why don't women seem interested in lovemaking?

Some are, some aren't ... they're just not obsessed with it like men.

I'm kind of latina so why am I obsessed with visiting beauty websites for black women?

How can you be kind of latina? Either you are or you aren't.If you are obsessed with beauty sites for black women, it probably means you think they are beautiful. Maybe that is how you'd like to look or you identify with them, maybe you are attracted to them, or maybe you just think they are pretty.Or it could be the other way around. Maybe you think you're prettier than them and you go there to feel good about yourself in a strange way.

Is it okay for a Christian to be obsessed with Harry Potter?

Yes, ofcorse its okay for a christian to be obsessed with harry potter. im also christian and very obsessed. harry potter is not against religion and your not worshiping any other gods. its just a book

Why are people obsessed with Webkinz?

People can get obsessed with Webkinz just like they can get obsessed with any other game. Webkinz is a cute kids game that is fun and has many mini-games. It is growing in popularity and especially addictive when you want to have the best possible house and such.

What is a Zealotry?

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