Can windex kill you

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Yes you can die from drinking windex. it had acid's in it that can kill you within 2 minutes.

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Q: Can windex kill you
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Will Windex kill flowers?

windex or dishsoap? will they kill flowers

Can drinking Windex kill you?

Yes you can die from drinking windex. it had acid's in it that can kill you within 2 minutes.

What is the .1 percent Windex doesn't kill?


How fast does windex kill you?

Windex is a cleaning product that is not meant to be ingested and can be harmful if consumed. Ingesting Windex can potentially cause serious injury or be fatal, depending on the quantity consumed and the individual's health condition. It is important to seek immediate medical help if someone has ingested Windex.

Does bleach and Windex kill you?

Inhaling a large amount of bleach or Windex can be harmful and potentially fatal due to the release of toxic fumes. It is important to use these products in a well-ventilated area and follow safety instructions on the labels to prevent accidental exposure. If ingested, seek immediate medical attention.

Can Windex kill bed bugs because i just sprayed some of them with it and it killed them in a matter of seconds?

Windex is a glass cleaning product that should not be used to kill insects. Bugs are apparently vulnarable to the solvents in the product. But so are you; these solvents are not harmless when inhaled.

Can Windex kill your dog?

It is harmful, I don't know if it is poisinus, but you should probably phone your vet on what to do.

Does windex disinfect?

Windex contains Ammonia-D and Alcohol, which do kill some bacteria, but not to the degree that Windex can claim to be a disenfectant cleaner. Windex does specifically make a disinfecting version of their product. Also, windex is only meant to clean surfaces that people don't have direct/constant contact with, because the chemicals can transfer to your hands, which can then transfer to your eyes, food, drinks, etc, and are unsafe for human consumption.

Can Windex kill your tomato plants?

no..........if you spray it on the leaves it gets rid on horned tomato worms

Would Windex kill mold?

Windex is not specifically formulated to kill mold. It may help clean a surface where mold is growing, but it will not fully eliminate the mold spores. It's best to use a mold-specific cleaner or a solution of water and bleach to effectively get rid of mold.

How do you get windex out of carpet?

how to get windex out of carpet

When was Windex created?

Windex was created in 1933.