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No, standard body lotions should not make you gain weight. However for a more accurate answer I would need to know the type of body lotion you are using and how often?

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Q: Can using body lotions cause weight gain?
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Can taking the elevator cause you to gain weight?

Taking an elevator isn't gonna cause you to gain weight. But using the stairs instead will cause your body to burn more calories and can help you lose weight and is also better for the environment...

Was lotion or body oils used in 1830?

Yes. Maybe not as fancy as today's lotions and oils, but people have been using lotions and oils made of natural ingredients since the time of Egyptians and I would imagine before.

Where do we go buy bath and body works lotions?

We can go to many stores to go buy lotions

What is St. Ives body lotion?

St. Ives has variations of body lotions. The different lotions help different things. Some prevent dryness in the skin, while others moisturize the skin. Please see the Related Links to view all of the St. Ives body lotions.

Does dietary supplements cause weight hain?

Once we stop using of any diet supplements it may cause to gain weight. Depend up on individual body functionality the result will occur. For weight loss instead of supplements, it is always recommended to go for diet and working outs.

What kind of damage can 300lbs extra of weight cause the body?

Having 300 pounds of extra weight can cause serious damage to the body. The organs are working overtime and can eventually shut down and the weight is very hard on the bones and muscles in the body.

What is a substitute for stearic acid in body lotions?

Cerytol Alcohol

Does sleeping sitting cause weight loss?

No, sleeping sitting up will not make you lose weight. When you are asleep your body functions slow down as you are not using any energy and your body goes into 'repair mode'. Sleeping sitting up can cause injury therefore preventing you from exercising when you wake up. This means that sleeping sitting up can actually have a reverse effect and cause you to gain weight through lack of exercise.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of body lotions?

Body lotions have clear benefits, they moisturize your skin and add nutrients that can make your skin healthier. The disadvantages of body lotions can include clogging pores, slippery doorknobs, and they might irritate skin.

How is the weight of an amphibian's body transferred to the limbs?

The weight of an amphibian's body is transferred to the limbs by using the pectoral and pelvic girdles.

Why does body lotion sometimes give people rashes?

Some people have very sensitive skin. Different ingredients in body lotions, especially dyes and fragrances, can cause an allergic reaction in these people, resulting in a rash.

What are some fragrances of Bath and Body Works lotions?

There are many fragrances that the Bath and Body works lotions come in. Some of these fragrances include Carribean escape, country apple, honeysuckle and caramel apple.