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A urinary tract infection, if let go and not taken care of, could in fact spread to the bowels. In some ways, this is highly unlikely, but all things considered, it is just a lot of bacteria that are growing and culturing in your body. This should be treated immediately and taken care of well until the infection goes away, as this could lead to serious health complications later.

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Q: Can urine infection affect your bowels?
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Can you urine infection affect pregnancy test results?

An infection in the urinary tract will cause the appearance of blood in the urine sample, including red blood cells and whilte blood cells.

Why urine infection affect kidney?

Because your kidneys are connected to your bladder by the ureters. The kidneys make urine, and the urine goes down the ureters into your bladder. See the Related link below.

Do you pass gallstones through your urine or your bowels?

Gallstones, if passing through the bile duct, enter the intestine and are then passed through the bowels. Kidney stones, however, would pass through the ureter, bladder and urethra, into the urine.

How is a strep infection diagnosed from a urine sample?

Strep infection is not diagnosed from a urine sample.

Does urine affect NuvaRing?

Urine does not affect NuvaRing.

Why is burst bowel so dangerous?

The bacteria escape when ruptured and cause infection outside the bowels. You can die from this type of infection. Peritonitis

What does leukocytes and urobilinogen on a urine dipstick test mean?

Leukocytes is infection. Urobilinogen is blood in the urine. It sounds like you was performing a test for a urine infection. If either of these 2 are positive then you have a UTI or possible Kidney infection if blood is found in urine.

If you have blood in your urine lower right back pain but no infection what is it?

If Your A Woman It Could Be Your Period And A Crap Or Urine Infection

What is causing slight pain in back spreading around to lower abdomen. and frequency of urine?

urine infection/kidney infection/sexually transmitted infection. go to the doctor

How do bugs get in your urine?

bladder infection or urinary tract infection (UTI)

What does it mean if RBC and WBC are high in a urine test?

the wbc in urine indicates an infection sense the wbs fid infection the doing there job to get rid of the infection rbc in your urine it could either come from trauma or sometimes when you on blood thinners that could cause you to have rbc in your urine

Is typhoid related to urinal infection?

Typhoid bacteria can be cultured from the urine of the patient of typhoid. But then the transmission of infection by way of urine is less likely.