Can too much sex harm the body?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Yes. Anything in excess harms the body.

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Q: Can too much sex harm the body?
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Can having too much sex do harm to your body if you're a girl?

If you are a girl, too much sex is not harmful. All girls do not have the same sex drive. Some prefer more and others prefer less.

What would happen if their was too much oxygen?

Too much air would harm the body

Can a person eat too much protein and harm themselves?

gay butt sex

Can a person can eat too much protein and harm themselves?

gay butt sex

What ways can a man harm his sperm?

too much sex,alcohol,smoking! that works but you can also have sex with you mom and her aids will harm ur sperm u dirty little scumbag

What are the implecation of too much sex?

Your body doesn't get a chance to rest!

Why has too much blood can harm us?

Too much blood in the body is known as Hemochromatosis; an excess of iron. This can harm us because it can cause liver and heart problems, cancer, diabetes and thyroid deficiency.

What harm does cholesterol do to the body?

too much cholesterol in the blood can lead to heart and blood vessel disease.

Can too much sex hurt or harm your body?

Yes it can dehydrate and cause enjuries such as chaffing and cuts if done frequeinttly or for a very long tine make sure to take breaks drink fluid and use lube

Can you have too much sex?

== == No, but you can DEMAND too much sex, and you can certainly place too much importance on it. == ==

How often is too much for sex per week?

You cant have too much sex!

What is the introduction of obesity?

The introduction of obesity is by carrying too much body fat for than the height and sex.