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Not necessarily, since the drink contains high in sodium, its more recommend to not drink the beverage when your not active. Its only meant to be intaken for athletic purposes. But, it does cause an increase in your heart rate. For more health related issues, i would recommend visiting

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No it's just a myth and you spelt gaterraid wrong?

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Q: Can too much Gatorade cause problems with hearing due to the sodium content?
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What is the Gatorade's formula?

Glucose, fructose, sodium and potassium.

What is Gatorade use for athletes?

Gatorade replenishes your water and also has sodium to give you what sweat takes out of you, Gatorade is only good when it is hard excersize for one an hour

What is Gatorade really chemistry?

Gatorade is a water solution of sugars, flavors, sodium chloride, citric acid and many other solutes.

What are some disadvantages of Gatorade to one's health?

the disadvantage is that Gatorade rots your teeth

How hot dog is harmful?

Hot dogs often have high sodium, fat and nitrite content, ingredients linked to health problems.

Can drinking to much Gatorade hurt your stomach?

well theres no chemicals in gatorade that do anything near, no. but it does have a lot of sodium which you should definitely limit.

Does Gatorade have carbs?

Gatorade has about 7 carbs in each drink. It also has 30 calories and 160 milligrams of sodium with 45 milligrams of potassium.

What vitamins are in Gatorade?

In Gatorade, the key electrolytes are the minerals sodium, potassium and chloride. When athletes sweat, they lose electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and chloride that are essential to hydration and muscle function.

How does Gatorade increase endurance?

When a person is very active, especially in sports, they will lose electrolytes and fluid. Gatorade helps to replace the electrolytes that are lost. By replacing electrolytes with the sodium that is in Gatorade, endurance is regained as the body is rehydrated.

Does hot dog make you die?

There are health concerns due to preservatives, fat content, and sodium content. Cancer and heart problems are associated with many of the preservative chemicals associated with hot dogs.

How do you control electrolytes in your body?

Gatorade yellow

What secretions have a higher sodium content in 24 hours?

Intestinal secretions have a higher sodium content in 24 hours.