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Yes. Any skin irritation can trigger a herpes outbreak. You should check to see what is the cause of the irritation - latex? spermicide? lubricant?

It may be as simple as finding a different condom that is better tolerated.

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Q: Can the irritation from using condoms trigger a herpes outbreak?
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Can your partner never get herpes if you have it?

It is possible to have herpes but never give it to your partner. Using condoms, avoiding sex during and just before an outbreak, using antiviral medication, and time from the first outbreak all decrease the risk of transmission.

How do you get cold sore with household products?

Cold sores are a herpes virus, and are triggered by excessive sun, caffeine, and hormonal stress on the body. Household products do not generally trigger a Herpes outbreak(cold sore)

Can trauma exacerbate a herpes outbreak on the lip?

Depends on what type of trauma it is. If it's causing you a lot of stress or lowering your immune system then that can trigger or aggravate a break out.

What is chronic polypoid cervicitis?

Chronic polypoid endocervicitis is irritation inside the cervical canal along with the growth of polyps on the surface of the canal. It can be caused by Allergies to things like tampons or condoms or can be caused by sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes or chlamydia.

Can you contract fever blister from a kiss on the neck?

You can get the herpes virus from a kiss on the neck if the person kissing you had an outbreak of herpes or just before the outbreak arose. The neck is a common place for herpes gladiatorum as well.

What should you do if you play flute and you have a herpes simplex outbreak?

If you play a flute and have herpes simplex outbreak, you should stop immediately see a medical doctor for advice.

Can a herpes outbreak last 7 years?

no, 8

What should be in a persuasive speech?

Herpes, STD's Condoms....AIDS...

Where douse herpes come from?

Herpes are an STI they can be passed through sexual intercourse. That is one reason condoms are used.

Does herpes last 2 months?

A herpes outbreak doesn't last 2 months; and the virus lasts for a lifetime.

Is herpes a serious disease?

The initial outbreak of herpes is usually the most severe. A patient who has never had genital herpes or cold sores typically has the worst initial outbreak. A history of other herpes infections may make the initial outbreak less severe, as the body already has related antibodies. These patients may be more likely to have genital herpes without knowing it. As time goes on, outbreaks typically become less severe.

What is the possibility rate of contracting herpes from a lover who has cold sores when they do NOT have an outbreak?