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Q: Can terbinafine be taken by a G6PD patient?
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Why the patient that have g6pd deficient cannot take paracetamol and why?

Can you be around fire works if you have g6pd

What is the dose of terbinafine medicine?

Terbinafine medicine are usually available in three strengths 125 mg, 250 mg and 187.5 mg. The dosage of terbinafine medicine depends on the condition of the patient. Medication tenure can go up to 12-weeks. Adults can have terbinafine medicine once in a day. Terbinafine medicine should only be taken after laboratory tests. Children of 4-years old or more can only take the terbinafine medicine. Children’s dosage of terbinafine medicine depends on their weight. Whether you are an adult or planning terbinafine medicine dosage for your child, please take advise from doctor and begin the dosage. Terbinafine medicine is used for onychomycosis treatment. Terbinafine medicine can be taken with food or even in empty stomach.In India, you can order terbinafine medicine at Centurion Healthcare – a pharmaceutical company in Gujarat who manufactures and supplies terbinafine medicine.

Can a G6PD patient take zithromax?

Azithromycin is in a class of medications called macrolide antibiotics. It was not found on any lists of forbidden drugs for G6PD patients; however, that does not necessarily mean that it should be taken by G6PD patients. To be safe, always tell your doctor what you have been diagnosed with and what medications and supplements you are taking.

Is there a genetic test for deficiency of G6PD?

Yes. Direct DNA testing and sequencing of the G6PD gene are possible, and there is also a fast an inexpensive test called the "Beutler flourescent spot test" that can be performed on the blood of a patient suspected of having G6PD.

What is the market name for terbinafine?

terbinafine [Lamisil]

How long does Terbinafine HCL stay in your system after you have taken your last pill?

Terbinafine HCL has a half-life of about 36 hours. This means it can take around 5-6 days for the drug to be fully eliminated from your system after you take your last dose.

Can you take terbinafine and cephalexin together?

There has been no report where terbinafine and cephalexin combined to produce serious adverse effects on the patient. However, reports of myalgia (muscle pain) and arthralgia (joint pain) have been noted. As usual, one should not combine medications unless specifically prescribed by the medical professionals.

Is it safe to take terbinafine and methilprednisohlone together?

is it safe to take terbinafine and a medrol pack together

What is dose of primaquine in g6pd deficient patient?

Primaquine will cause a degree of hemolysis in ALL individuals with G6PD deficiency, irrespective of their particular mutation.The clinical significance of this hemolysis will depend mainly on the initial hemoglobin levels of the patient and the dose of drug given.Mutations that confer lower enzyme levels may have greater risk, but even patients with A- can still have serious hemolytic anemia after primaquine.When possible, G6PD deficiency should be excluded before the standard therapeutic dosage for radical treatment of P. vivax and P. ovale malaria is administered.At present, for radical cure of P. vivax (eradication of dormant parasites in the liver), in patients who are G6PD deficient, WHO guidance (see related link) is:if glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency is known or suspected, 0.75 mg/kg weekly for 8 weeks.

Does terbinafine affect the birth control pill?

There are no known drug interactions between terbinafine and the birth control pill.

What is terbinafine?

It is an antifungal agent

Does terbinafine have acetaminophen?

No. It does not. It is an antifungal.