Can tea cause frequency in urination?

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Yes, tea can cause frequency in urination. Tea is a diuretic. A diuretic is simply a drug that increases the rate of urination. Alcohol is also a diuretic.

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Q: Can tea cause frequency in urination?
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Does drinking tea affect urinary system?

Yes, Tea contains caffeine which affects the frequency of urination, slightly darkens colour and rises the level of pH (acidity).

Frcould frquency of urination cause weight lossequency of urination combined with weight loss?

The combination of urinary frequency and weight loss often indicates diabetes.

Can trichomoniasis cause painful urination?

Trichomoniasis can cause painful urination.

What are the most common symptoms of an over active bladder in women?

An overactive bladder in women can have a few symptoms. The first is a sudden urge to urinate. Secondly, it can be associated with above average frequency of urination. Lastly, it can cause nighttime urination.

What are the symptoms of urine infection?

There is burning in urination. There is frequency of urination. There may be fever, at times with chills. Urine examination will tall about the infection.

You have frequent urination after stopping diuretics what can be the cause?

frequent urination after stopping hydrochlorithiazide

What are the symptoms of urethritis?

The main symptom of urethritis is pain during urination. Other symptoms are frequency or urgency to urinate and difficulty starting urination.

Does watermelon cause urination?


Does Depo-Provera cause frequent urination?

Depo Provera does not cause frequent urination. See your health care provider for an exam.

What could be the symptoms of diabetes?

An increase in thirst and hunger. As well as an increased frequency in urination.

Does polyuria cause excessive urination?


Can cause burning urination and infertility?


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