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Provera is perfectly safe for use during pregnancy. Doctors use Provera to help prevent miscarriage in early pregnancy and it is usually taken until 12 weeks gestation, when it is stopped because the placenta has formed and the placenta produces enough progesterone to maintain the pregnancy. Years ago, before they had the modern monoclonic pregnancy tests, they used Provera as a pregnancy test. If you did not bleed, you were pregnant. If you bled, you were not pregnant. Provera will cause you to get your period if you have missed your period due to hormonal imbalance. Provera will also stop your bleeding if you have some dysfunctional uterine bleeding (twice a day for five days). During pregnancy, Provera does not cause bleeding. Provera definitely does NOT cause a miscarriage and is definitely used during pregnancy, expecially if you have a low progesterone level.

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Q: Can taking oral provera cause a miscarriage?
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