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Well, are they spots? The brown substance is likely old blood. Have you recently had an abortion? If so, the old blood means that you're not getting any new bleeding, which is definitely a good thing. If, however, you still bleed bright red after 2 or 3 weeks, it may mean you're not healing properly. This could be due to an infection caused by retained "products of conception," or tissue from the pregnancy still inside the uterus. In this case, see your doctor immdiately. If you can't get an appointment for that day (which is unlikely, because most gynocologists are prepared for such situations and will jump at an emergency), get to the emergency room.

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Q: Can spotting be three days of brown mucus and half a day of bright red blood?
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Is it normal to have bright red blood durning your period?

Yes, it's completely normal to have bright red blood during menstruation. You may also sometimes have brown or pink flow (aka 'spotting'), darker red blood, bits of uterine lining in your flow, discharge, and mucus. All of this is perfectly normal.

Light pink or brown mucus spotting with cramps during early pregnancy?

i am ttc and have been having the brown/pink mucus for a few could be a couple of things but im hoping mine is implantation bleeding. this occures 7-14dpo or around the time your period is due. it could also be an infection , ive also read that ppl have this and had a cist on or around overy but dont worry unless its bright red (fresh blood) abit like a period (if it is red see your gp). old blood is brown and is not realy a cause for concern. please let me know if this helps and if you are pg x

What does spotting look like?

Spotting is what happens when just a little of the menstrual blood comes out in the middle of your cycle(when you're not expecting a period at all) or it is a sign that your normal flow is about to begin. Spotting is usually light in color, and doesn't require a hefty sized napkin to clean up. But I am on birth control and I am actually expecting to be on my period and it is very light in color and only lasted for one day. is there something wrong? Am i pregnant? I shouldn't be, or is it not healthy for me to take this birth control anymore?

Should you worry if your mucus looks dark yellowish-brown?

That is normal congestion if you have a cold or bad allergies. Dried up mucus is usually white or yellowish or brownish. If you get bright yellow or greenish, you probably have an infection, but dark colors are just dried out mucus.

Can a pregnancy mucus plug be greenish brown 40 and a half weeks now?

Yes, that sounds like it, it is usually mucus with old blood mixed in, hence the color.

What does a non bloody mucus plug look like?

The mucus plug looks just like the mucus from your nose. It can be anywhere from white to yellowish is color and may or may not have traces of bright red blood or pinkish blood. Call your dr to inform them that you have lost your mucus plug as most women generally go into labor 24 hours to 7 days later.

What does mean when red muscus comes before your period?

Red mucus is just spotting before your period is about to start. There is normally mucus that plugs-up the opening to the cervix and around menstruation it can be carried out with menstrual flow, the blood is your menstrual flow.

Is it normal to have spotting and mucus at 17 weeks of pregnancy?

Spotting and mucus can be normal at 17 weeks, especially if you have recently had intercourse or an internal physical exam, such as a pap smear. However, if it is accompanied by abdominal pain or nausea you should see your doctor right away.

What does a clear film of mucus with your period and a light brown colour mean?

(delicate question with some gross factor) just means the blood is older.

What about blood-tinged mucus that follows a normal bowel movement?

What about blood-tinged mucus that follows a normal bowel movement?

If you have white mucus with light traces of brown blood in it only for 2 days but not yet your period?

You should go see a dr. You may be pregnant or have an std.

Are brown mucus poison?

yes my cousin had that an died