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no, sperm cant last long outside the human body and if its dry then there's no way it is alive.

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Q: Can sperm still survive after dried and washed off after an hour?
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What happens if the dried sperm gets wet?

dried sperm is dead, getting it wet will make the seamen slimy again but the sperm will still be dead.

Does sperm actually take a week to dry?

No. Still, sperm can only survive outside the body for an hour or less. Wrong. Sperm can only survive for 10-15 minutes outside of the body, or for 72 hours if in the woman's uterus.

Why is dried mango preserved even without refrigeration?

It will still deteriorate as chemical changes happen with the air over time BUT as it is dry and bacteria need water to survive, it will not rot after it has been dried.

Are moldy clothes ruinedThey've been washed and dried already but still smelly and stained Do I call it a loss It is a lot like 3 or 4 loads worth of clothing.?

Use vinegar

What is the difference between pre-ejaculatory fluid and sperm?

Pre-ejaculatory fluid (PEF) and sperm are different. PEF is mainly a lubricant to prepare for ejaaculation and if it has any sperm in it it's small amounts (one can still get a woman pregnant) usually left over from last ejaculation and can be washed out by urination. Sperm is the cells the male sends out in ejaculation and impregnates woman.

If you drop a blackberry perl in the toliet will it still work?

Electronic equipment can survive being submerged in plain water, provided it is thoroughly dried before you try to turn it on.

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Yes you can!! I washed mine several times and it still looks brand new!

Can you still get pregnant if your partner has lumpy sperm with jelly like things in it?

probally, its still sperm.

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They are not very popular but you can still buy them.

Are you pregnant if you dried your penis and then stuck it in your girlfriend 20 minutes later?

If you are pregnant, that will be news. Can she be pregnant? Possible. There are still going to be sperm in the penis. It only take 1 to do the job. Is it likely? No, Possible? Yes.

Do sperm whales still exist?

Sperm whales do exist today.

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