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The Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique, or EMIT, is a common method for screening urine and blood for drugs, whether legal or illicit. The EMIT is the cheapest and easiest to perform, and also the most common. However, it is the easiest to fail. If you are well informed, this test is quite easy to pass. Most pre-employment screens will give you the EMIT first, though some businesses will surprise you with a GC-MS test. If you don't know which urinalysis will be administered, focus on beating the EMIT. If you pass the EMIT, you're off the hook. If you fail the EMIT, they'll give you the confirmation GC-MS test, which is extremely sensitive. Sorry best info i could find. SO yes for the EMIT and no for the GC-MS test.

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what could make you test positive for meth if you don,t use meth

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Q: Can someone test a false positive for meth in a blood test?
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Can diabetes cause a false positive on a blood test for meth?

Lol no.

Could aspartame cause a false positive for meth?

yup ! and it will !

Can taking Sudafed and adderall create a false positive for meth?

Even if sent to a lab, it shouldn't show up as meth at all. The tests are broken down and they will look for the poisons that are used in meth. I have talked to drug counselors regarding this very thing and was assured this fact. Good luck. I would stop using the Sudafed if you are worried about it.

Can abuteral sulfate cause a false posivtive for meth what other asthma medications may show up in lab test false positive for meth?

What kinds of asthma medicines may cause a false positive lab test foe meth? Will they show up as pharmaceutical or something else?

How does a newborn test positive for meth?

A blood panel is used. If a newborn baby tested positive for methamphetamine, there was exposure to meth in utero.

What will give a false positive reading for meth on a druug test?

poppy seeds will give you the false drug reading

What can cause a positive methamphetamine result in a hair test?

sudafed can give u a false positive for meth be careful

What can cause a false positive test for meth?

i have herd that eating poppy seeds that are found in pastry cakes can cause a false positive test for meth. poppy seeds cause a positive for marijuana - not meth. Actually you are both very wrong. Poppy seeds can cause a false positive for opiates(heroin, morphine, etc). Opiates are made from the poppy plant. Wow who ever said these top two are STUPID. I am speachless.

Will Epinephrine cause a false positive for meth?

yes cause i had a epipen shot and it came back a positive

Can you test postitive for meth if taking ephedra?

Yes! Since Meth is made from it, if you take enough of it, you can eventually test positive for methampethamines. You can also test positive for meth if you take a lot of Sudafed and other cold medicines.

Can blood test positive for meth during a urinary test?

There is no blood tested in a urine test.

What over the counter medacition will show up meth in a drug test?

amphetamines is what you test positive for adipex (diet pill) will show up as a false positive on your ua. it will show up as amphetamines..(meth)..adipex 37.5mg get a prescription from your doctor and you will be fine..the chemical compond in both are very similar..the only why they tell is by a blood test not a ua.....dr.rashem MD...good luck Some tests do distinguish between meth and other amphetamines. In addition to what was mentioned above, MDMA (ecstasy) will also test positive for meth.