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Yes, they can hear. And the medical staff will tell you that they do their best with "sedation vactions" so that the person can come off the medication and orient themselves to time and place. But, under HEAVY sedation (such as propofol), it is that they can only hear in the moment. When speaking to them, they may tighten thier grip as you hold their hand. They may shake their head or become restless. They may refuse certain treatments that are necessary by the medical staff. After the sedation medication is removed, the person may not (in my case, not at all) remember any conversation, any contact, or even the reason for treatment for their condition. When they "wake up," you may have to explain from start to finish, such as I had to do (with a very alert and typically healthy middle aged person). In my experience, the person did not remember a thing, or even why they were in the hospital.

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Q: Can someone hear when they are under heavy sedation?
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