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Yes.They wil breathe with their nose if they fall asleep and breathe in water instead of air and die.

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Q: Can someone die if they fall asleep in the bath?
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What percentage of people live if they fall asleep while driving?

About 80% of people who fall asleep behind the wheel die.

What happens if you fall asleep with crest white strips on?

you die

Is it true if your spouse fall asleep first they will die?

No. Well, they'll die eventually, as we all will. But they falling asleep first won't cause them to die any sooner.

Why is it illegal to fall asleep under a hair dryer while at a salon in Florida?

because u will die

What will happen if you fall asleep at the wheel and damage due to going through a ditch?

You will go to the hospital and possibly die. :)

If you overdose on trazidone do you fall asleep faster?

no you die eventually... it is slowly shutting down your system. nice knowing you:(

Why can't people with concussions sleep?

To ensure that brain damage has not occurred, if it has, the person could die and not wake up if they fall asleep.

Can you die if you sleep to much?

Not that i know of... it is possible you fall asleep and never wake up, but i dont think that's from sleeping too much

What kind of Zen bath salt gets you high?

Are you kidding me, don't do bath salt or you will just probably die or eat someone in the worst badtrip you ever had

How does someone die if they're not sick?

someone could stab them or they could fall off the cliff.

Can you die from marijuana drug abuse?

Unless you smoke your body weight, which is impossible, you cannot die from marijuana. You will probably fall asleep after smoking an ounce or two, depending on how good the bud is.

If you are living and fall asleep then dream that the grim reaper kills you in your dream does that mean that you are about to die in your dream?

Your answer is in your question."If the Grim Reaper kills you........""If he kills you, does that mean you are about to die?"No, if he already killed are already how can you be about to die???????