Can somebody be cool and smart?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well yeah if you are already cool then just keep the smartness to the tests and dont answer every question in a smart way and if someone asks you a really hard question and you know it then say that you dont know

It works... sometimes

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Q: Can somebody be cool and smart?
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What should you do when somebody gets smart with you?

if you are a grown up and somebody gets smart with you you should punish them .But if your not a grown up then you shuold just get smart with them back.

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Somebody smart

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Somebody very smart!!

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"Cool smart phones are everywhere, I have an iphone 4 on the desk next to me, which I consider to be an exceptionally cool smart phone. But your local AT&T or Verizon wireless store would be another great spot to see cool smart phones."

Does a smart gene get passes down to make you smart?

you are so cool, smart and i am really like you

In high school is it better to be smart or cool?

Smart, but it is important to also be social.

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nirushan is super smart and cool.tharushan is dum and not cool and he is a loser

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yes he smart funny and cool

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smart, cool, and handsome

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