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Well............ no because you need the brain to do everything and to work. The brain controls anything and everything that goes on inside your body. It is incredibly complex. Rocket scientists have yet to reveal all its secrets.

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Q: Can some one live with out the brain?
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What can I do to help brain Fitness?

by reading and looking into how to keep yourself fit and alert so you can live a long healthy live and be intelligent that or you can roll around in some toxic waste and hope you get a super brain and not brain cancer.

Can bugs be alive forever?

No! Many bugs die after a few days. Some live seasons, and some live months. No living thing with a brain can live forever.

Can you donate a brain and live?

Some experimental operations have moved brain material from one patient to another, but not for the purposes of replacing brain functions. You cannot donate any part of your functioning brain cells while you are alive. Various scientific institutes may accept postmortem tissue bequests.

What are some functions of the brain?

many say its how we live but thats all fake

What skills are needed to live?

Probably, a brain, some food, water, and shelter .

Is the brain the most important part in your body?

The brain is just one of several vital organs we could not live without.

What part of your body would be the most difficult to live without?

I think the heart and the brain: we are dead without either one of them, correct? I know people can remove half a brain or pieces of the brain but I don't think we can live without an entire brain... (correct me if I'm wrong!)

Can you live with only a half a brain?

Yes, if one half of your brain is not working properly or for any other reason you may have, you can under go surgery to detatch the halfs of your brain!

If you drowned can you live?

No. You are dead. In some cases life does exist but the brain is dead and the person is on a machine.

Is it possible to have no brain?

It is not possible to have no brain. If you do not you will not live a life. If you did not have a brain your body would not know how to move, breathe and do neccesary things to live.

How do you live without a brain?

You can't. No brain, you will die.

How long patients live after surviving from brain damage?

There are more tha one type of brain damage. Some are so tiny that they basically aren't noticed, and don't affect overall quality of life, others are so severe that they mean instant death.