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Sodium pentathol can be taken orally but it is most commonly given by injection. Sodium pentathol is used as an anesthetic and given before surgery.

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Q: Can sodium pentathol be taken orally?
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Is there such a thing as a four barrel sodium pentathol gun?

never heard of one. one needle, one arm.

Can cortisol be taken orally?

Yes. It can be taken orally if prescribed in that way.

Is suspension taken orally?

Suspension is always in a liquid form and can be taken orally

Sodium pentathol truth serum?

It's actually spelled 'sodium pentothal' and it is a truth serum, among other things, but it only works for a couple of minutes. Some people call it 'thiopental sodium.'

What is the use of sodium in diclofenac sodium?

Sodium in diclofenac sodium is used as a buffering agent to stabilize the medication and help maintain its effectiveness and shelf-life. It also helps to improve the solubility and absorption of diclofenac when taken orally.

Can potassium chloride syrup be taken orally with out dilution?

what will happen if injection potassium chloride is taken orally

What is a good sentence for the word orally?

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How is Ice taken?

ice can be injected, smoked and orally taken

What is the effect if sodium bicarbonate injection is taken orally?

Assuming you swallow the contents of an ampule intended for IV injection (using that as the dosage), really nothing at all. Sodium bicarbonate is used in baking a lot. It's a salt and therefore an electrolyte, but the dosage you've described is so small it should have no observable effect on an unremarkable patient if delivered orally.

What does ketamine taste like when taken orally?

When Ketamine is taken orally it tastes salty. Not everybody loves this taste though. There are people who love this taste though.

Why ethosuximide has to be taken orally with food?

to suppress nausea.

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