Can smoking kill a 13 year old?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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not immediately but it certainly will if it continues for a long time. smoking has been cited as the primary predisposing factor for lung cancer and other lung diseases.

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Q: Can smoking kill a 13 year old?
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What are the rules for allowing a 13 yr old to smoke in the house?

There are no rules for allowing a 13 year old to smoke in the house. Smoking is an extremely unhealthy habit and there is no age at which smoking is safe. In fact children should not be exposed to secondhand smoke at any age as it can be dangerous to their health. As such allowing a 13 year old to smoke in the house is strongly discouraged by both health professionals and the general public.If a 13 year old is determined to smoke there are some guidelines that should be followed in order to minimize the health risks associated with smoking. These include: Always smoke in an area with plenty of ventilation preferably outdoors. Ensure that no children or non-smokers are present in the vicinity. Ensure that smoking materials cigarettes cigars pipes etc. are properly extinguished and disposed of. Ensure that any furniture or fabrics that come into contact with smoking materials are appropriately cleaned. Be aware of the dangers of secondhand smoke and take steps to reduce its spread.These guidelines should be followed even if the 13 year old is smoking outside of the house as secondhand smoke can travel and still be dangerous to those in the vicinity. Overall it is strongly recommended that 13 year olds do not smoke as there is no safe amount of smoking.

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