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yes, i think so. I have Allergies and fluid from time to time and i will have seizures at night

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Q: Can sinuses allergies producing fluid in inner ear cause seizures?
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Can allergies cause seizures in dogs?

Yes a dog can have seizures from allergies

Can allergies cause fluid build up in the head and make you feel like its the end of the world and how can I treat it?

Allergies can cause swelling of the sinuses and fluid buildup in the sinuses. You can treat it with an over-the-counter decongestant. You may have to ask for one at the check out of a store, because they are usually kept behind the counter now. And you can also see an allergist, a doctor who specializes in treating allergies, if necessary. Another thing that helps is moist heat. You can use a humidifier, or put a warm wet washcloth over your nose and mouth for a few minutes and breathe in.

What causes intermittent pressure or pulling sensation behind one eye?

One possible cause of intermittent pressure or pulling behind 1 eye is problems with the sinuses. Allergies can also cause pressure behind the eye.

What are some examples of sore throats not caused by an infection?

Post-nasal drip from allergies and airborne irritants can cause sore throat. It can be caused by hay fever and other allergies that irritate the sinuses. Environmental and other conditions, such as heavy smoking or breathing secondhand smoke.

Is popcorn a cause of allergies?

Is popcorn a cause of allergies?yes

What to take for allergies that cause acne?

Allergies do not cause acne

Can rabies in racoons cause seizures?

yes, if it has ravies that can cause raccoons to have seizures.

Does Star Wars The Force Unleashed cause seizures?

If you have a problem with seizures almost every video game can "cause" seizures.

Can Chemotherapy cause seizures?

Yes they can cause seizures. it depends what type of person you are like if your immune system is weak you can have seizures.

Can cervical cancer cause seizures?

A variety of brain cancers can cause seizures.

Can chlorpheniramine maleate and phenylephrine cause seizures?

I believe phenylephrine can cause seizures in people with seizure disorders.

Does Guillian -Barre' Syndrome cause people to have seizures?

yes,guillian-barre syndrome cause people to have seizures.