Can salt make you sick

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes, but only if you eat too much of it depends on how much you ingest. too much of anything can make you sick

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Q: Can salt make you sick
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What can make you sick when you drink them?

Salt Water,

Does putting salt in tango make you sick?


What kind of salt do you use to make salt water when your sick to gurgle in your throat?

Regular table salt.

Can salt and water replace cat toothpaste?

No. The cat runs a risk of swallowing the salt water. Salt water will make you very sick.

Is salt water safe for people?

you can drink it, but it will most likely make you sick

What to do when your sick of phonimia?

you would have to bath in Epsom salt to stay healthy to make it less painful.

Is salt good for you when your sick?


How to make fake sick?

mix a tea spoon or 2 of salt to tap water mix with a spoon till salt is no longer visible then drink really fast this should make you instantly sick may vary

Why don't we drink sea water?

It is because sea water contains a lot of salt dissolved in it which will make us sick

What happens if you drink too much ocean salt?

I guess it could make you sick. It can't do much, but the salt isn't good for your liver or your heart. So you could get liver failure if you drank a ton of the salt water.

Why do you not get sick if you eat sodium chloride if chlorine is poisonous?

Sodium chloride is table salt - you will get sick if you eat too much. When elements combine to make compounds they have different properties to the elements that made them.

Can hamsters get sick from salt?

Yes because salt can burn their insides and it is not good for them anyway