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sometimes if you get used to it yes when you get used to someone its harder to get out of it because it becomes a routine.

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Q: Can romantic attraction become a trap?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Romantic Attraction - 2003?

The cast of Romantic Attraction - 2003 includes: Chioma Chukwuka Emeka Enyiocha Stella Ikwuegbe Zack Orji

What is an aromantic?

An aromantic is a person who does not experience romantic attraction to others.

How do you make one Sim interested in the other sim?

All you do is do friendly socials. Then once they become good friends start using romantic socials. Soon confess attraction and first kiss will come up and if the other Sim accepts it you will become romantic interests. Then use propose going steady and you will start dating.

Can a gay man have romantic feelings for a woman?

Yes, it is possible for a gay man to have romantic feelings for a woman. Sexual orientation and romantic attraction can be separate. While a person may primarily experience same-sex attraction, they can still develop romantic feelings for someone of a different gender. Sexual and romantic orientations are complex and can vary from person to person.

Whats the dificniction of gay?

The definition of a gay person is simply a man who has a romantic and sexual attraction toward other men. A lesbian is a woman who has a romantic and sexual attraction toward other women. Bisexuals have an attraction toward both (but not at the same time), and transgendered people are people that don't feel that their biological sex is the one they were meant to be.

How can Romantic attraction can be a trap?

Well it depends how hard you fall for the person you are crushing on or currently dating. Sometimes you may feel like you are moving too fast, and you don't know if you can continue dating your lover. It can also be a trap because someone may be using you to make another person jealous. You have to think about the people they hang out with because their friends can be the ones that influence the person to do such things.

What should be the goal of a romantic relationship?

the goal of a romantic relationship is to become married.....

What types of films do they watch in Uruguay?

Any. However, romantic commedies are the most popular attraction in local cinemas.

What degree is physical attraction important in the beginning of a romantic relationship?

lust relation- all love relation- none

Will your best childhood friend ever become your true love?

Love can come from anywhere. Just don't get your hopes up. If your friend has given no indication that there is a romantic attraction then it probably means they're not interested in being more than friends. Also, a romantic attraction does not indicate true love. I've never experienced it myself, but I imagine all those people who have been lucky enough to find their true love knew it the instant they met that person.

What is a famous tourist attraction in Canada?

A famous Tourist attraction in Canada would be the Cn tower with it's amazing height and view but Niagara falls is also recognized for it's romantic beauty

What has the author Alan Feingold written?

Alan Feingold has written: 'Gender differences in effects of physical attractiveness on romantic attraction'