Can raynauds kill

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, I have had it over a year now and I am only 15. I think I've actually had it since I was 12. It is a rare condition where I live and people get all freaked out by it but no you can't die. My conditition is a little worst which causes severe pain but nobody has ever died from it.

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Q: Can raynauds kill
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Can you claim disability livin allowence for raynauds?

can i claim dla for raynauds

How rare is it for a baby to have raynauds disease?

Raynauds syndrome usually occurs from about the age of 15. However I am sure there are some exceptions as i got it when i was 13. Raynauds is a heriditary incurable disease. there are two types: primary and secondary. primary is when you just have raynauds on its own. secondary, however can be a little more serious as it is caused by an underlying disease. i would recommend taking your baby to see a doctor as i would suspect it has secondary raynauds if it has raynauds at all.

Can you be Medically discharged from british army for having raynauds?

Yes, Raynauds could lead to a medical discharge. Having Raynauds means you can't even apply for the Army, it's an automatic ban.

What makes fingernails flat?

Raynauds Disease

Is raynauds fatal?

almost always, at least according to doctors and science

What causes dark purple fingers?

maybe Raynauds Syndrome

How long do you live with Raynauds disease?

It can be painful, but people live to old age (70s and above) with Raynaud's disease.

A peripheral arterial occlusive disease in which intermittent attacks are triggered by cold or stress?

Raynaud's Syndrome.

Does a diet affect raynauds gloves?

Chronically cold hands or feet are indicators of this disease. You should have an anti inflammatory diet to help out with this.

Does the thyroid have anything to do with raynauds?

Raynauds occurs in autoimmune people when the nerves that control the blood supply to the hands and feet "misfire" and tell those blood vessels to close down. There are many thyroid diseases, some are autoimmune like Raynaud's. Frequently if a person has one autoimmune disease, they have others. However, thyroid and Raynaud's are not directly linked.

Where can I buy a pair of raynauds gloves?

As researchers continue to work on the cause and cure for rheumatoid arthritis, it's important for you, the patient, to recognize the signs and symptoms of this.

How do you stop raynauds disease?

You can't. Raynauds is an incurable disease, however you could try something called biofeedback. It teaches the brain to control the bodys temperature. Google it for more information. There are certain drugs available to help you cope with raynauds, however im not sure how effective they actually are but im sure they are worth a try. Other than that keep yourself warm and avoid the cold if you can. The best remedy is really just to wear warm stuff and stay inside as much as poss. in severe cases there is a drug that can open the arteries wider but it has many bad side effects so id avoid it if poss.