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No. the only pills that can be cut in half are ones that have a line down the middle showing where to break in half. You can never break that pill, very dangerous

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Q: Can procardia pill be cut in half?
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If you cut a Viagra pill in half will it cut the hours in half?

No, the effects will just be limited.

Can Valium 5mg tablets be cut in half?

can 5mg valium pill be cut in half

Can you cut Effexor pill in half?

I read the info sheet on this drug as I wanted to cut them in half and it did not say not to cut them in half and I have used them cut in half. call your pharmacy to make sure .

Can hydroxyzine be cut in half?

Depends on the dosage. If you have a 25mg Hydroxyzine HCL white pill, then yes, you can cut it in half. It's sometimes recommended to take half a pill, twice a day for 'taking the edge off' of anxiety.

Is 0.25 one and a half pill?

0.25 is a quarter of a pill. 0.50 is a half of a pill. 1.50 is one and a half of a pill.

Why do some pills have deep lines through them?

The line running though the pill makes the pill easier to cut in half so doctors recommend that you only take a half dose of your medication the line makes it easier to determine exactly where the half mark is.

Can Depakote ER be cut in half No misspellings I just want to cut my 500 Mg of Depakote ER in half is this OK to do?

Yes you can. My Doctor has been prescribing it this way for 2 years now and it works fine. Just do one pill at a time though. Because the ER has little beads in it, after you cut it in half, place tape over the unused pill until it's time for your next dose.

Can you cut in half Metoprolol Succinate ER?

I think you can. At least my doctor told me today I should take half a Losartan-Mepha 100 pill a day

How can you wean yourself off 2mg of abiify?

Cut the pill in half to reduce your dose and slowly start taking it less.

Could you die if you take half of a pill?

No, you will not die if you take half of a pill.

If you took a third of pill of Oxycontin a month and a half ago will you pass a hair Follicle test?

if you cut your hair a few inches you should be fine

Can you cut oxycodone hcl 30 mg in half?

YES .. you can cut it in half, but question should be, 'if I cut a 30 mg oxycodone in half, will each half have the same amount of oxycodone'. This is what I'm told to do with my 30 mg and I don't trust that each half is equal in dose. My VA doctor prescribes the 5 mg but the pharmacy changes it to 30 mg and tells me to cut them in half. Have complained, written letters, and it gets corrected 'once' and then back tot he 30's. They did supply a pill splitter but what a pain in the ass to cut these little pills. The 30's are the same size as the 5's. If the pill has a splitting line, then it is certified to be cut in half and there will be about half the does remaining in each half. If there is no splitting line, there you are correct to be uncertain about the distribution of the active ingredient within the pill. However, half of 30 is 15, not 5 so, more importantly, if you doctor is prescribing 5mg pills, and the pharmacist is filling with 30mg pills, then the pharmacist is guilty of malfeasance and needs to lose his or her license. It sounds like you need to contact your local Attorney General's office and/or the FDA. Also, get your doctor involved.