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Yes they can be. Mine does that sometimes too.

It's there 1 day, stops & comes back later on. It's normal:)

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Q: Can period slow down and start again?
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My diesel van will start when left overnight when i run around it will slow down and stop when you try start it again it blows a lot of smoke out the exhaust and will not start again for awhile?

Fuel filter blocked or tank breather blocked

Can binge eating after starving yourself cause missed periods?

It's more likely that starving yourself in the first place will cause missed periods. As you starve, some processes in your body slow down or stop, including menstruation. If you continue to disrupt your body with irregular eating and your period does not start up again, it is possible that you will never have a normal period again.

What is a name for a period when business slow down and prices fall?


What does rall mean in music?

Rall is an abbreviation. It stands for Rallentando an Italian word meaning to gradually slow down, or slacken, the tempo.

What does period mean in Microsoft flight simulator?

it means to break/slow down

Why is club penguin so slow?

Probably has to do with how many people are on it at that time. If too many people are on one website it will slow it down. But it also could very well have something to do with your computer. It might help to shut down the computer and then start it back up again.

What takes place when moving water slow down?

It will start to freezes

What caused the car to slow down and stop?

what would cause my car to slow down losing velocity and now won't start. will turn over but won't start. Ran out of fuel, Fuel pump failure,

What happen s to particles as they slow down?

They get colder, and start to lose heat.

What is slow down?

its when something is slowing down

Will going to Facebook slow a computer system down?

It can slow your computer down a little but with most computers today you'd never notice.

Does eating flour slow down menstrual bleeding?

No, eating flour cannot slow down your menstrual bleeding at all.There are medications that can help lighten menstrual bleeding, and over time dietary changes can reduce menstrual flow too. But there is nothing you can eat to 'slow down' your menstrual period.