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if it is Education Core then there are chances to accept you otherwise there are a lot of chances that you will be rejected, however, the condition of Hypospadias will be observed,

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Q: Can people with hypospadias join the military?
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How do people join the military?

people join the military when they are at least 18 years and up and when you are a u.s. citizen people join the military when they are at least 18 years and up and when you are a u.s. citizen

Can retarded people join the military?

Generally if they can graduate from high school, they can join the military.

Can gay people join the military?

As of 2011, gay people can freely join the US military and do not have to hide their orientation.

What is the genetic risk of hypospadias?

Hypospadias is known to run in families; a boy with hypospadias has a 28% chance of having a male relative with the condition.

Can we force our son to join the military ?

It is not possible for anyone to force anyone else, even a relative, to join the military. The military will only take people who agree to go. If your son refuses, the military will not take him.

How many people join the military a year?

a heck of alot of people i suppose

Can people with graves dease join the military?

Ask a recruiter.

How young can you be to get accepted into the military?

You need to ba 18 but you can join the ROTC or a military group for younger people but it is not technically the "Military"

What are the uses of drafting?

When the government randomly chooses people to join the military.

Can people living in us territories join the us military?


How many people join the military every year?

like 5

What is the cause of hypospadias and epispadias?

Hypospadias and epispadias are congenital defects of the urinary tract. This means they occur during intrauterine development. There is no genetic basis for the defects. Specific causes for hypospadias are not known.