Can people live without lips

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No they cant because the mouth it used to keep you teeth morsterized and it is used to put things in it so no people can live without there mouth

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Q: Can people live without lips
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Can a person live without lips?

Yes, Why not?

After you are an adult do your lips grow im asking if just like you get fat or your breast get bigger do your lips grow naturally without tricks medical treatments or lip plumpers?

No, if you want bigger lips then you might have to get plastic surgery on your lips. If people are born with big lips their lips are just naturally big.

What color are Peter Pan's lips?

He is drawn without lips.

Can people live without an eye?

yes a person can live without an eye.

Why cant people live without woodblock printing?

They can and did live quite happily without it.

What are massive lips?

Massive lips a HUGE lips that people have in hot climates

Do cleft palates and cleft lips occur together?

Babies may have cleft lips with or without cleft palates. Cleft palates may also occur without cleft lips

Can people live without a pineal gland?

Yes, people can live without a pineal gland. They will be able to have normal lives.

Can the people live without electricity?


Is the people live without plants?

Without plants, the people of Earth would die.

Do people want full lips?

YES THEY DO! And first of all there not called "big lips" they are full lips! Full lips are in fashion, people have surgery for them, people pay millions of dollars for them, people get fat sucked out there butts and have that fat put into their lips. And when they get the surgery it still doesn't look right! .

How do you talk without moving your lips?

To learn how to talk without moving your lips, you have to essentially learn how to hum. You can enunciate your words by using the back of your throat.