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yes and no. most people can take in a very very small amount of liquid w/o coughing or choking but you cannot breathe during that time because if you do you will inhale the liquid. it will hang out in the throat until so much is in there that your body kinda forces you to swalllow.

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Q: Can people drink without swallowing
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How common is swallowing poisonous chemicals?

very offten, people drink beer everyday

How do you swallow pills?

You simply put the pill on your tongue. I usually put it about the middle or a little farther back. Keep it there without swallowing or anything. After placing it there, quickly take a big gulp of any drink. Then swallow. Therefore its just like swallowing a swig of your drink.

How do crayfish drink waterHow do they get the water into there bodys?

they drink it by swallowing it and it goes in to there bodies.

Can hydrogen peroxide kill a person without swallowing?

no it can't kill a person without swallowing

How does the epiglottis prevent interference between breathing and swallowing food in animals?

When swallowing food or drink, it covers the entrance to the larynx to prevent food and drink from entering the windpipe.

What is the meaning of sip sip?

To drink by swallowing small quantities at a time. To drink in sips. Have a sip of Tea.

What can you eat or drink to make you fart?

well, you can eat baked beans. and to burp drink pop with swallowing air.

What closes over the trachea when swallowing?

The epiglottis covers the opening to the trachea when swallowing - thereby preventing food/drink entering the trachea and lungs.

Can chewing salt without swallowing it be harmful?


Why Barium swallow study for stroke patient?

To determine if they have problems chewing or swallowing food/drink. Many stroke patients get pneumonia due to swallowing issues.

Why do you burp after swallowing semen?

You can burp after swallowing an amount of air with any food or drink. It's no different than a burp after swallowing soda or a bite of food.

Where do young people usually drink?

it depends on what you mean by young, for people who can legally drink, if they drink they drink anywhere they can get a drink. for under age people, they usually drink at places that they can get a drink without getting in trouble. this could be a friend's house, at an abandoned area, or even at home when an adult is not there, or not paying attention.