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Q: Can out of date flucloxacillen harm you?
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When a vaccine is used 3 days before its expiration is it still effective?

The expiration date is there so you know an approximate date when it should not be used. Three days before an expiration wouldn't do harm, a day or two after expiration might not do harm either, but avoid using vaccines (or any medications) that are after their expiration date.

Out of date alcopop drink with vodka make you sick?

Nope, never done me any harm

Can you use multivitamin and iron preparations after expiry date?

NO, one cannot do that because using medications after expiry date may harm you and sometimes even be fatal!

Are date pits toxic?

Yes, date pits contain compounds that can cause digestive issues if consumed in large quantities. It's best to avoid eating date pits to prevent any potential harm.

Can you have vanilla custared while you are pregnant it is ready made one and chilled?

sure its not going to harm you unless out of date

Can you used cocodamol after the expiry date?

You can, but you shouldn't. The whole purpose of printing a date on the container is to avoid the harm to you or lack of effectiveness that's likely when the substance passes a certain age.

Can it hurt you if your IUD is 3 years past removal?

While the hormonal IUD can't be relied on for birth control after its removal date, there is no harm in leaving the IUD in place after its removal date.

When med levothyroxine after the expiration date is up can you use the med?

Levothyroxine used after expiry date will lose it's effectiveness, it may not harm but it will not work.It may make the patient hypothyroid.

When a guy bites upon your face?

This is a statement and not a question, but I will put an answer. This is not love or sexual, but an intent to harm and hurt. Don't date him.

What date is celebrated as international harm reduction day?

On May 7, we promote evidence based public health policy, practices and human rights

Can spiriva be used after expiration date?

You shouldn't use things after their expiration dates. It may cause some kind of harm in one way or another.

Is harm an adjective?

Yes, it is. It means causing harm, or able to cause harm.