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To clean it, but you don't want to breathe vinegar vapor.

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Q: Can one use vinegar in a humidifier?
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What common household product can be safely used to deodorise a humidifier?


How do you clean mineral deposits in humidifiers?

To get mineral deposits out of your humidifier, you may clean it with vinegar. Simply pour vinegar in the base, let it soak, and then rinse.

How much power does a travel humidifier use?

a travel humidifier can use a lot of power. a normal house light bulb uses less power but the travel humidifier can use a maximum of 300 to 500 watts. This can be used to make the place humid.

How do you remove scale from humidifier heating element?

If it is not heavy- use white vinegar. Let it soak for 30 minutes at least, then use a toothbrush or other soft brush to remove the scale. If it is really baked on (typically indicated by the fact the humidifier shuts off even though there is water in the tank=overheating element), then use CLR (calcium, Lime, Rust remover) from a hardware store. Again, BE Gentle with the element.

Where can one purchase a guitar humidifier?

One can purchase a guitar humidifier from music retailers such as Daddy's Junky Music and Guitar Center. Guitar humidifier's can also be purchase from online retailers such as EBay and Amazon.

What is the difference between oil and vinegar?

Well you can use oil to make a cake and you cant use vinegar to make one!

How do you use a humidifier?

Most humidifiers only require water to be added to the device, and plug in to an outlet for relief of dry air. Refer to the instructions for the specific humidifier to ensure proper use.

Where can one find slant fin humidifier parts?

One can find slant fin humidifier parts in a variety of locations. A slant fin humidifier can be found at a local hardware store, or it can be found online at sites such as Appliance Factory Parts

Will using vinegar to remove mineral deposits damage the absorption sleeve in a humidifier?

I haven't seen any damage. I have used it on the same sleeve multiple times.

Where can one buy a Warm Mist humidifier?

One can buy a Warm Mist humidifier in stores or online. For in stores, they can buy them at Sears or Walmart. For online, one can buy them at Amazon or eBay.

Where offline can a warm air humidifier be purchased?

There are a number of stores that one can purchase a warm air humidifier from offline. One can buy them from 'Target', 'Walmart', Lowe's and 'Home Depot'.

Is it bad for a guinea pig to be in a room with a humidifier?

my guinea pig has an uri and my vet told me to use a humidifier to help him clear his lungs , so i would assume so