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Well, yes because the things in your body can still be working very well.So, it is very possible to get wet if you are old.if there are no harmful things such as HIV,there is a 8 out of 10 chance to get wet.I am only 11 in the six grade and for some reason i know this things![I am a 100%version]

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ask her if she want a cup or bottle of water n acsedently spill it on her.

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You need to get her sexually excited through touch, smell, sight.

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With a garden hose.

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Q: Can older women still get wet?
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Women are supposed to reach their sexual peak at 40 years of age.

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If a guy is 30 and a woman is 45 is she still considered a cougar?

* Many women in their 40's up can still be sexual, bright, articulate and a lot of fun to be with. A survey has been taken and older women win out! Young men are complaining that the younger women are too 'into themselves'; flighty and not ready for commitment and therefore don't meet the young man's needs. If you want to date an older woman at your age then do so, but get your running shoes on because older women know where they want to go and they move fast!

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