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No, medrol suppresses your immune system and makes you more suspectible to infections. It's very effective in controlling inflammation. If you have a bacteria infection, your doctor should prescribe antibiotics.

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Q: Can medrol be used for tooth infection?
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What antibiotic can be used for trichomonas and tooth infection?

You will need separate medications for Trich & a tooth infection.

Can medrol be used with tramadol?


Can it treat a tooth infection?

yes you can treat a tooth infection with medication

What are symptoms of tooth infection?

There are quite a few symptoms of tooth infection such as fever. Other symptoms of tooth infection include smelly drainage and pain.

What is a tooth abyss?

A tooth abscess is an infection. This might be under your tooth or around your tooth. Either way, it's an infection that can be very painful.

Could an antibiotic used for tooth extraction be used to treat a urinary tract infection?

Yes. There are number of such options to treat the tooth infection and the urinary tract infection. You have fluoroquinolone group of antibacterials. Then you have many cephalosporin group of antibiotics to treat both the infections. Amoxicillin with clavulanic acid can be used.

Can a tooth infection make your blood become septic?

Yes a tooth infection can bring about blood poisoning

Is your tooth extraction infected?

A tooth extraction can get an infection. A dentist or doctor will have to prescribe antibiotics to help clear the infection.

How do you get an abcess tooth?

An abscess is basically an infection of the tooth. It usually begins at the root of the tooth, and is associated commonly with a cavity. So basically, one way to possibly get an abscessed tooth is to have a cavity with an infection.

can a tooth infection affect your kidneys?

I have heard a tooth infection can infect your brain if left untreated. But it is supposed to be very rare.

Is a smell of rotting meat a sign of a sinus or tooth infection?


Will tetracycline help tooth infection?