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would lisinopril come up as a false positive for methamphetimines

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Q: Can lisinopril show up false positive for?
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Can somas show up as false positive for THC?


What can cause a false positive for fentanyl?

I have no idea. It should show up as a true positive for opioids.

Does adipex interact with methadone?

it will show up as a false positive

Will lisinopril show up as oxycodone?

Oxycodone, and lisinopril are two complete different medications. Lisinopril is generally used for high blood pressure and oxycodone is generally used as a pain killer. One will not show up as the other as they have completely different compounds in them.

Will cloud9 bath salts show up on urinalysis?

it contains a chemical called mephadrone and can show up as a false positive for methamphetamines.

Can visalus shakes show up as a false positive for drugs?

The ingredients in visalus shake mix should not cause any drug test to return a false positive.

Can abuteral sulfate cause a false posivtive for meth what other asthma medications may show up in lab test false positive for meth?

What kinds of asthma medicines may cause a false positive lab test foe meth? Will they show up as pharmaceutical or something else?

What does dextroamphet show up on a ua?

Nothing, large amounts is possible to show a false positive for PCP though (unlikely).

Can temazepam cause a false positive for THC?

any drug ending in PAM will show up on drug test.

How does zanaflex show up in urine toxicology?

Xanaflex WILL show up as a benzo in some cases ona standard UA.....false positive. FACT

Will stackers 2 show up on a drug test?

If you take Stackers 2 with Ephedra, it could show up on a drug test. It will show up as a false positive for amphetamines if you are tested for that.

Can hydrocodone and diphenhydramine test positive for amphetamine if taken together?

hydrocodone can show up but diphenhydramine can't. they don't interact with each other to show a false positive for anything.