Can lime harm people

Updated: 9/7/2023
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No lime is not bad for the human body, it is an excellent source of vitamin C, helps with digestion, and serves in many cases for treatment of various ailments.

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if they're allegic

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Lime no-lye, yes.

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Q: Can lime harm people
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Is lime dangerous to smell?

Lime is not dangerous to smell in small amounts. Lime can harm the skin if touched and cause problems if ingested.

Will lime harm a evergreen tree?

Lime will change the PH of the soil. Evergreens like a acid soil and lime will add to much alkaline.

Can lime harm unborn baby?

No, limes are safe to eat during pregnancy.

Will lime hurt chickens?

There are two types of barn lime. Ag lime or dolomite can be used to "sweeten" the chicken coop and area with no harm to the birds. Hydrated lime "burn lime" is caustic and should be kept away from Livestock including chickens.

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Can lime be harmful?

Lime, in the form of calcium carbonate or as oyster shells, is very helpful to chickens. For generations, poultry growers added oyster shells to the chicken's daily diet as a way to prevent soft shelled eggs.

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