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No, but an underactive thyroid gland can. Ask your doctor to run some thyroid function tests (TFTs) on you.

No, only coldness in the heart, which is worse. But reduced activity brought on by depression could. Exercise is the first recommended treatment. Get out and go for a brisk walk in the fall air. That will both warm you up and help the depression. If it's too cold out, do a couple laps around the mall -- then window shop. Walk first. Call a friend and talk it over. Maybe the friend would like some exercise too. You can't make someone feel affection, but it's up to you how you deal with it.

If the lack of affection seems to be due to alcohol or drugs, hit an Alanon or CODA meeting. Google either one for meetings in your area.

If the coldness continues, by all means speak with your physician, but the most obvious is usually the place to start.

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Yes, because lack of affection may make people depressed and 1 symptom of depression is a sudden cold feeling.

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Q: Can lack of affection make you physically feel cold?
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