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yes as digoxin slows, steadies and strengthens the heart

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Q: Can l give digoxin if pulse rate is above 130beats per minute?
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When apical pulse is above 100 will you give digoxin?


Can you take digoxin if pulse to high?


Which medication requires a pulse check?


Why do you take an apical pulse for people on digoxin?

You need to accurately check the heart rate. Digoxin can lower the heart rate to dangerous levels. You should not administer digoxin when pulse rate is already below 60.

What type of pulse can be taken when you are relaxed?

It is called as resting pulse rate. It is about 72 beats per minute. When it goes above 100 per minute, that is called as tachycardia.

What is a good pulse at 22?

A person above age of 13, who is not athletic, should have a pulse of 60-100 beats per minute.

If a clients pulse rate is below 70 is it safe to give digoxin?


What pulse to take when giving digoxin?

When taking digoxin, you should look for an abnormal heart beat. Digoxin is used for mild to moderate congestive heart failure and for treating an abnormal heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation.

Do you hold digoxin if your patient's apical pulse is below 52?

Really depends on your company/hospital policy but I hold dig when pulse is <50.

Is it dangerous if your pulse goes above 100 beats per minute?

No not at all just a gentl jog can do that

What do you assess in an infant before giving digoxin?

The pulse,blood pressure. If its too low you can kill the baby.

What vitals does a nurse check before administering digoxin?

You need to measure dig levels from labs, BP, o2 sat, and pulse wouln't hurt either. Ayraayra: The most important thing to measure when administering digoxin is heart rate. You want to count the apical for a full minute. They drilled this into us at school. The heart rate has to be at least 60 beats per minute or you hold the medication. Digoxin works by increasing the force and velocity of heart contractions. You check apical pulse for 1 minute, if less that 60bpm you hold it wait five minutes and check again if it is still less that 60bpm you notify the physician. Monitor for signs of 'dig' toxicity like: - Confusion, irregular pulse, Loss of appetite; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, palpitations, halos around objects. Decreased urine output.