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Q: Can kissing someone that has used cocaine cause you to drop dirty?
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Can sleeping with someone that used cocaine cause you to drop dirty?


Does epinephrine cause a dirty urine for cocaine?

yes, it is really bad for anyone's health

How can you have a dirty cocaine result if you have not used cocaine?

you wont!!!!!!

Can dirty cocaine have a connection to lung infections?

Cocaine is an illegal drug. there really is no such thing as dirty or clean cocaine. All cocaine can kill you, or give you lung problems.

What drug is brown?

dirty cocaine

Why has Eric Clapton added the phrase 'that dirty cocaine' to live performances of his song 'Cocaine'?

Eric Clapton added the phrase "that dirty cocaine" to highlight the message of the song being an anti-cocaine anthem and not a song glorifying the drug in any way.

How long does it take for urine to test dirty after kissing someone that takes drug?

it isnt possible for one to test positive for drugs after kissing someone that has done them.. unless you were in the room as they were smoking marijuana, in which case you would test positive for a second-hand high.

What is a brown nose?

Someone who always tries to say or do what they think the boss wants. Imagine someone who is kissing the boss' arse so often that their nose gets dirty ... that's what it means.

Can touchin crack cocaine with your finger give you a dirty urine test?

No. Cocaine and crack cocaine cannot be absorbed through the skin.

Can you get a dirty UA by standing over someone watching them cook down cocaine to make crack?

The answer is no I am a expert in controlled substances . But limit exposure because the fumes are toxic

Who killed ol dirty bastard?

cocaine and prescription pain killers

If kingdom hearts is a clean game then why does it show pictures of kissing?

Kissing has never been proven to be dirty. Recent Disney (G rated) movies contain kissing.