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I would not take them at the same time, if its xanax er take that in the morning, and then space it out , take the ambiem before you go to bed, to be on the safe side, but always check with your doctor..

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No. Any physician with a real license to practice medicine (MD or DO) would never prescribe the two together at the same time. There is risk of side-effects that could include stopping your breathing. Follow the directions of each medication and do not mix/overdose on sleeping medications. Not only is it illegal but it puts your own life in danger. Max dosages are the maximum safe amounts that have been empirically tested for safety. Ask your local doctor if the medication you have prescribed to you is not working.

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Your question cannot be answered because you did not say what "it" is. Can suboxone ambien and librium be taken in the same twenty four hour period?

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Q: Can it be taken with Ambien in the same day?
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What are the side effect of Hydrocodone and ambien when taken at the same time?

sleepy and aggessive

Can Xyzal be taken with Ambien?

Yes, I've been taking ambien for over a year, and yesterday I was prescribed allegra, ny doctor said there wouldn't be a problem

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Can you take saboxine and adarrol together?

This question barely makes sense. Suboxone is usually taken sublingually at the beginning of the day, and Ambien is obviously taken at the very end of the day. I have no idea why you would need to take suboxone and ambien at the same time, unless you are snorting Oxycontin in your sleep. Just hold onto the Suboxone until you wake up and take it then! Preferably at least 7-8 hours after you take the Ambien!

Can Ambien be taken laxatives?

Yes, Ambien and Laxatives can be taken together, they do not have any adverse reaction together. However, it is not suggested because when taking Ambien a person needs at least 8 hours to sleep, and laxatives can interrupt those hours.

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What are alternatives to Ambien?

Percacet or Vicodin work much better if taken regularly

Does seroquel and Ambien cancel each other out?

I have taken Seroquel with Ambien many times. They work well together for those nights I just can't get to sleep.

Can you take Ambien with percodan?

best to consult a doctor first seeing as ambien's a hypnotic and percodan's an opioid, but taken in moderation, the two don't pose any danger

Is it safe to take Ambien while taken zanies?

No. Probably won't kill you tho.

What is the difference between Ambien and Zolpidem Tartrate?

same thing. zolpidem is the chemical, and the generic name for the drug. Ambien and stilnox are the registered trademarked names

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